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Our center was established in 2013, when one of our founders went to study for a master's degree at one of Japan's most prestigious universities. Soon he realized that, Japanese society urgently needed large numbers of youth due to increasingly aging workforce. To counter such trend, the Government of Japan pursues policy of attracting the most talented young people from all over the world. Nevertheless, one of the basic requirements for those who want to study and work in Japan is to know Japanese well.

Our center aims to serve our compatriots, who desire to study and build career in Japan, effectively becoming a connecting bridge between two countries. Students are taught Japanese culture, lifestyle and the main language of the country, helping them fulfill their dreams in this country. Our first main office was opened in Samarkand (2014), and nowadays several branches are opened in Tashkent (2016), Bukhara (2017), Djizak(2017) and in Namangan (2017). In the nearest future Studytokyo.uz has set a goal to open branches throughout the country.

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Activities of Studytokyo.uz

The main function of Studytokyo is to make facilities for students to enter and study at Japanese schools. In our school, qualified teachers conduct intensive lessons and at the same time students will come to know Japanese culture and lifestyle. Here you will not only learn Japanese language but also get information about Japanese language schools and accomadation in Japan.

Nowadays we are working with more then 50 schools in Japan. Our partners review documents with high quality. There is special system for entrence to Japanese schools. Namely, Japan and Uzbekistan have their different legal systems, therefore, during documentation process there might be difficulties. Our school helps with pleasure for that process. Contact with us and your dreams will come true!

Our students in Japan

Jurabek Toshbekov
TIJ School
Abbos Omonov
Ichikawa school