Bukhara school

Do you want to become a professional in your area? Do you want to uncover your talents, to get a good profession in the country of the rising sun? Doors of Bukhara’s branch are always open for you!

Studytokyo.uz Bukhara Japanese language center started its operation and educational activities on May 2017 and in a short time won trust of the people of Bukhara.

In the first 6 months of education, students learn Japanese language and can successfully pass exams of Japanese language schools. The training is based on new learning program, modern technologies and interactive methods, to which we attribute our success. Every week in our language center we conduct Japanese culture events, various holidays and Japanese traditions. Students are also taught Japanese cuisine and origami classes; volunteers are invited to learn Japanese culture. The aim of the lessons of Japanese culture is to create a Japanese atmosphere, foster friendship among students, form a strong group and united group.

course name course start date course end date Visa receipt date
"April" course 1 - september 28 - february March
"July" course 1 - december 30 - may June
"October" course 1 - march 30 - august September