Shinjuku International Exchange School

“Shinjuku International Exchange School” – Shinjuku School is placed in Shinjuku district in Tokyo, near the beautiful park Toyoma, 19 different universities and institutes are located nearby, so students can get to know each of the universities.

1) University building consist of 7 floors, including rooms, libraries, computer classes, kitchen and conference halls.

2) Dormitory is provided. School is located 10 minutes way from dormitory. Every dormitory has fridge, television, microwave and washing machine.

3) Shinjuku school – is a best place to take a bachelor’s degree in japan and continue his career

Course start and duration Deadline for application submission 1 year cost of the course Visa receipt date
Starts in April - duration 2 years 1 - September starts from 650.000 yen March
Starts in July - duration 1 year 9 month 1 - December starts from 650.000 yen June
Starts in October - duration 1 year 6 months 1 - March starts from 650.000 yen September