Tokyo IKUEI Japanese School

The Tokyo Ikuei Japanese language school, which is the part of the AiiA corporation, is the most professional training center for Japanese and international students in Japan.

This school uses innovative teaching methods that have successfully passed several exams and gained popularity among new and varied programs of teaching the Japanese language. The school attracted the most experienced teachers for international students to simplify and improve the learning process of the language.

AiiA Corporation and the director of school, manage a number of enterprises in various fields, including information technology, cosmetics, education and fashion. Graduates of Tokyo Ikuei will be able to continue their work in one of these companies after completing their studies.

Course start and duration Deadline for application submission 1 year cost of the course Visa receipt date
Starts in April - duration 2 years 1 - September starts from 650.000 yen March
Starts in July - duration 1 year 9 month 1 - December starts from 650.000 yen June
Starts in October - duration 1 year 6 months 1 - March starts from 650.000 yen September