TECHNOS Kogakuin language school

This school is a long established school, which started Japanese language education in 1971、and it is one of the most authoritative Japanese language school in Japan. Moreover, it is an educational foundation founded according to the private school code with the strict criteria. In the same educational foundation, there is Tokyo Kogakuin College of Technology and Tokyo Air Travel Hotel College. If student graduates with high degree, he/she gets a chance to study one of these colleges.

School location is at Shinjiku station, 5minutes way to the school. Near the school there are Takashimaya shopping centre, Kinokunya book shop, Yoyogi parks, where students can rest, learn and work as well. There are many elective subjects, such as, English, Social Studies, Mathematics 1 and 2, Physics and Chemistry. Therefore, lessons are 5 hours per day and 5 times in a week. We suggest this school to students who are interested to learn not only Japanese language, but also exact subjects.

Course start and duration Deadline for application submission 1 year cost of the course Visa receipt date
Starts in April - duration 2 years 1 - September starts from 650.000 yen March
Starts in July - duration 1 year 9 month 1 - December starts from 650.000 yen June
Starts in October - duration 1 year 6 months 1 - March starts from 650.000 yen September