Samarkand school

The main office of our learning center is located in Samarkand, opened its doors in 2014. Our learning center is one of the leading educational establishments of Uzbekistan with unique method of teaching. Classes last 6 to 9 months, ranging from 60 to 90 minutes per day. All the students are provided with the essential equipment needed to enhance the knowledge and skills of the learners.

Center has a special place provided for extracurricular activities, where the teachers/instructors who have been trained in Japan helped enhance the language skills of students (particularly, listening and speaking). At the end of the Japanese language course, the "Farewell Party" is held and students receive a certificate of accomplishment.

Nowadays, more than 100 students study Japanese language from qualified and experienced teachers, who have lived in Japan.

course name course start date course end date Visa receipt date
"April" course 1 - september 28 - february March
"July" course 1 - december 30 - may June
"October" course 1 - march 30 - august September