Syutoku language school

International School Syutoku, within the framework of Beruf Corporation not only teaches the Japanese language, but also conducts business trainings for training and assistance in higher education. In general, Beruf Corporation characterized by the ability to invest in talented students. They believe that talented students will contribute to the future of the corporation and further development of the Japanese economy, and this trend justifies itself.

More than 200 students are enrolled from more than 20 countries, so the school Syutoku has the status of an international school. The school is located in the Tokyo Kita Ward district in one of the quietest places in Tokyo. The school invites its students to study in Japan after graduation or work for the Beruf Corporation. Students who receive good grades also receive scholarships. International School Syutoku can be a guarantee for you in Japan

Course start and duration Deadline for application submission 1 year cost of the course Visa receipt date
Starts in April - duration 2 years 1 - September starts from 650.000 yen March
Starts in July - duration 1 year 9 month 1 - December starts from 650.000 yen June
Starts in October - duration 1 year 6 months 1 - March starts from 650.000 yen September